New Year Paradigm Shift

Yo G

Happy new year

It’s a new year but it’s lowkey the same shit

Same old painful liver inflammation and mammoth shits

Same old hoes lying and trifling and then saying you broke their heart

Same old bank balance


You just survived the year of the devil and didn’t cave to the fascist government bullshit

There’s a different energy in the air, something is different.. whoa

You invested in crypto and you making monetary moves

You’re learning and educating yourself so you be the wise chief your tribe needs


It’s a matter of time so you just need to remain consistent

Don’t plug into the oblivion of modern day society

Let the Karens and the soys and the masked cum guzzlers rot in their acidic metropolitan pools of piss while you prosper

Worst case scenario you died staying true to your ideals

Get Rich or Die Trying

There’s a hero waiting to erupt somewhere


Happy New Years

Let’s live

Dirty deeds time

Iron Mike Mindset

“I’ll fight anybody my trainer puts me in with because I’m confident I can beat any fighter in the world.” – Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is not only the baddest man on the planet, he is also one of the smartest.

Most people see Mike as an idiotic barbarian but those people are unwashed, half-baked assholes.

His knowledge on history and spirituality is incredibly impressive. His street smarts are unparalleled. But today I want to talk about PERSEVERING. And use Mike Tyson’s words as a way to make my point.

We should all aspire to be like the best qualities of Mike Tyson.

Aggressiveness. Brutality. Compassion. Faithfulness to God. Humility in old age.

Sounds like the perfect man to me.

“As long as we persevere and endure, we can get anything we want.” – Mike Tyson

When Mike Tyson grew up, he had nothing. He was a broke ass street bum who hustled and assaulted his way into opportunity. He came from the shits, his mother was a hooker and he was a booze fiend that was most likely gonna end up shot in the NY streets.

All he knew was fighting. But he didn’t even know he could box. That is until he met famed boxing trainer Cus D’Amato who convinced him to do so at a young age after which he adopted him, seeing the raw talent this random street kid had impressed him so much that he was determined to create a champion out of him. The spirit of the warrior was already in his soul.

Besides being a genetic freak, his work ethic was remarkable. He once broke his back during fight camp because he did 2,000 fucking sit ups. Yeah.

“This championship, this was the stuff I dreamt of all my life, and I wasn’t gonna be denied.” – Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson went after his goals like a motherfucking hitman with a ticking clock. He wanted it and he wanted it fast, and he did it. Fast.

Youngest world champ in boxing history.

Made huge amounts of money.

Shattered box office records.

Had a harem of women.

That street kid went from zero to hero.

“That’s what people respect, the fact that I wasn’t a chump that laid on his back and gave up.” – Mike Tyson

Cus D’Amato told Mike Tyson all the time that his destiny was to rule the world until Mike believed it fully.

And then when he did, there was no stopping him.

Believe in yourself and go devour the world.

That’s what I wanna do.


Has there even been a greater thrill in the history of mankind than getting punched in the face? Fine, maybe depositing your load inside a vag for the first time, but the point still stands.

Fighting in my eyes equals and sometimes even transcends drug induced euphoria. And you all know how much I love that.

There’s something that just feels so right about being involved in physical confrontation. The blood, the scars. It’s like reconnecting with your primal ancestors. Win or lose, you stepped up to the plate and you did battle.

You feel like a goddamn MAN. The boost in endorphins and testosterone has you feeling like a demi-God, a sexual Tyrannosaurus and a professional killer all rolled up into one big masculine package. Cliché, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

I miss my days as an amateur MMA fighter. Hell, I miss my days fighting random kids in school. Everyone needs a modicum of violence in their life. Now I’m not saying you need to beat on strangers in the supermarket, but it would be beneficial to engage in some moderated form of combat.

It makes me sad that there people in this life that never experienced a fight. They’re missing out on one of the true joys of life.

It’s fun and it’s practical! You get to beat up on your homies for shits and giggles, you have an outlet for aggression, you improve your health and you will be prepared in case anyone ever tries to bump you off for some reason.

Stop sleeping on the wonders of fighting and go get punched in the face.

Protect Yo Gut: Basic Yet Crucial Tips For Digestion

Guys, the older I get the more I understand the importance of a healthy digestive system. It’s so important and I can’t stress that enough. Apparently, our guts impact way more than how we absorb food. It can affect our cognitive function, our mood, whether or not we burn fat, our freaking libido and much much more. That’s just when putting it in layman’s terms, imagine saying this in medical lingo. Whew!

I could go on all fucking day about this and the science behind all the recent gut biome research, but that’s not what I am here to do.

I am here to give you normies, the basic guidelines on how to not fuck your stomach up and live with an optimal or at least decent digestive tract. I wish my Dad knew this when I was a teen because my digestion still suffers horribly from eating like a pig when young. So that’s why I am here. I’m your daddy.

  1. Avoid gluten, soy, dairy, vegetable oils, processed foods, legumes and anything high in Omega-6 like the plague. Minimize the consumption of these ASAP.
  2. Supplement with anti-inflammatory substances such as Curcumin, Berberine, Omega 3 Fish Oil and CBD oil. If you ain’t scared of drugs and oppressive laws regarding their possession, get BPC-157, TB-500, and HGH. This last part is aimed towards guys with IBS/IBD like me. It’s my extreme healing stack.
  3. Eat whole and organic food as much as possible. No GMO bullshit. Real food!
  4. Exercise like a mofo as a means to boost blood circulation, the immune system and reduce inflammation. Healthy bod, healthy diet, healthy flora.
  5. Sleep well. Poor sleep negatively affects the gut (this is where I fuck up..)
  6. Learn which foods trigger you PERSONALLY. Some of the foods on the list might actually make you feel great, but others won’t. Know your body. It’s very individual.
  7. Take digestive enzymes and probiotics.
  8. Hydrate, madafaka! 2 liters a day minimum.
  9. Don’t eat out in restaurants. They cook with all the shitty oils I advise you to avoid. Better to eat out your girl than eat out at the local burger joint.
  10. If you got chronic pain due to a compromised gut biome or chronic disease, avoid pharmaceutical pain relief medicine unless absolutely necessary.  Shit like opioids and anti-inflammation drugs that are catabolic and send your body to hell while allegedly helping you heal.


That’s about it. Like I said, very simple basics. I learned all this through personal trial and error and some research online from shady Chinese academical studies. I am sure someone will disagree with what I wrote, everyone has their own hot take on digestion and gut health. Oh well. I ain’t bullshitting though. Do with my info what you will.


This was the first post to focus on health stuff. I think it went over well.

Peace out, guys. Go eat something healthy and absorb some Vitamin D from the hot summer sun. I will try to do the same.