Haterade In The Modern Age

Something that really gets on my ass and ruins my vibe heavy is when low vibrational soy consuming canola pushing fuckwads diss up and coming artists/athletes/scammers who are trying to chase a goal and bag up.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to become a role model for the misguided with hella cash?

I mean, it’s not me… I am broke. Allegedly. That being said.. uh..

I still have sympathy for anyone slaving away at their craft.

The guy that doxxes naked hoes and stacks e-com money spent years as a pencil pushing faggy wagie before he got slop and commissions.

The painter that spammed your feed with naked artsy portraits had to break his fingers first drawing Tanya.

That drug addicted musician got his ass tickled by Luciferian old men to publish your fav albums.

Fuck you.

You should be inspired by the creative idiots and Adderall-fueled mega hustlers because unlike you we do something.

Go buy your shitty tickets to Rome or Dubai so you can play it lit for one week you bitch.

Fucking jabroni.

Cool people who are honest with good vibes and a work ethic deserve the flex.

Bad bitches should honestly automatically give em the gap and dudes should pay whatever they ask.

Most of the population is trash and jello.


Haters are spiritually castrated. No balls, no drive. You hate someone? Okay, do his gimmick better. Oh yeah you can’t huh? Suck a throbbing pulsating dick.

Shoutout to all the hustlers.

Although sometimes you guys suck and use very wack marketing, I don’t mind though.

It’s easy to hate behind the sofa with chips like those wannabe quarterbacks, talking about “we lost the game”.. “we”?


I’m no special authority on this, I don’t have haters or massive fame. Just needles and a cute face. But it’s my site and I tell you all the correct way to think.

I will now await the DMs from the babes now.

I had to remind you all I have valuable opinions that are not about Da Fuckin’.